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Hi, we are Lynn and Mark. This web page contains information about us and our interests.

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My aunt and uncle recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  That is quite an accomplishment.  Here are some short videos I shot with my Sony DCR-TRV 18 camcorder.

People arriving 1

People arriving 2  

People arriving 3  

People arriving 4  

People arriving 5  

People arriving 6  

People arriving 7  


Here is a picture of Mark. That's Lynn's elbow to the left of Mark, but the rest of the picture of Lynn is not very good. You know how people love to miss the top of your head when taking pictures. So, here is a great picture of Lynn at  the oldest fort in Florida.  That would be in St. Augustine.












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Lynn and Mark love to travel. Here's a list of places we have visited and some pictures.  Check back often,as I am constantly finding old pictures...

Sarasota, FL 1989New Orleans, LA 1997
Highlands, NC 1991Milwaukee, WI 1998
Antigua 1993Amelia Island, FL 1998
Stowe, VT 1995Albuquerque, NM 1998
Highlands, NC 1996Denver, CO 1999
Mt. Dora,FL 1996Key West, FL 1999
Chicago, IL 1997


Destin, FL 2000

Boston, MA 2000

Phoenix, AZ 2000

Grand Canyon, AZ 2000

San Francisco, CA 2001

New York City, NY 2001

St. Augustine, FL 2001

Baltimore, MD 2002

Washington, D.C., 2002

Ireland 2002

Montreal, QE 2003

Boston, MA 2003

Montreal, QE 2004

Tybee Island, GA 2004

Washington, D.C. 2005

Cedar Key, FL 2006

El Paso, TX 2006

Carlsbad Caverns, NM 2006

San Diego, CA 2006

Sedona, AZ 2007

Flagstaff, AZ 2007

Toronto, ON 2007

Click here to see a picture of our current home, right after we built it. Building a home is a frustrating and rewarding experience.  As you can see, the landscaping was all new at this point. Since then, we have worked hard to improve it. That is one of the things we love the most about our home is the ability to work in the garden.