Application Architect/Developer

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- Development of client/server and n-tier applications

- Development of database systems



Visual Basic, HTML, ASP, VB Script, SQL, C, Object Pascal, Ada, C++, Hypertalk,680X0 Assembler, 80X86 Assembler, PowerPC Assembler



Informix, SQL Server, Access, Jet, FoxPro for Dos,Visual FoxPro



Visual Studio - Visual Basic, C++, Install Shield, Seagate Crystal Reports, Visual Interdev,

Visual FoxPro

SQL Server Enterprise, Informix DBAccess, Server Studio for Informix

Internet Development - Visual Interdev, FrontPage, NetObjects Fusion, Cold Fusion,


Compilers Microsoft Visual Basic and C++, Metaware C, Microtec C, GNU C, Macintosh

C/C++/Object Pascal, FlexElint, CodeCheck, Hypercard, Verdix Ada toolset, Sun

Ada, Telesoft Ada, TLD Ada, VAX Ada

Object Libraries - Visual Basic, DAO, ADO, ODBC, Win API, Macintosh Toolbox

Operating Systems Solaris 7, Windows 20000 Server/Professional,

Windows 95/98/NT, Solaris 2.X, MacOS, PSOS Operating

System, assorted proprietary operating systems

Debuggers - Visual Studio, DevPartners Studio, Microtec XRAY for 680X0, SDS for PowerPC, VERDIX

for 680X0, GNU, SADE for Macintosh, Microsoft Codeview

CASE Tools - Cadre Teamwork, DEFT, StructSoft TurboCase

Source Control- Visual SourceSafe, Atria Clearcase, PVCS, RCS, SCCS

Editors/Word Processors - Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, Emacs, Xemacs,

VI, EDT, FrameMaker

Resource Editors - IcePick Resource Editor, ResEdit

In-Circuit Emulators - EST PowerPC 860, Hewlett-Packard 68360/302, HMI

68040/68020, CADRE 68020, AMS 68000/68020, Tektronix 1750A

Test Equipment - HP Internet Advisor, Fireberd 6000A



Solaris 7, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.X, Novell Netware,

Dell, Compaq, Gateway, and Nexar P.C., Sun Microsystems Solaris 2.X, Motorola

PowerPC 860MH/QUICC, Motorola 68360/302, Motorola 68000/20/40, Motorola

serial communications drivers for V.35/EIA-530/RS-232/X.21/EIA-449/HDLC

physical layer protocols, T7230A T1/E1 Framer, LXT-360/361 T1/E1 Transceiver,

T7270 Time Slot Interchanger (TSI), LXT-400 DDS driver, NCR-82596 LAN driver,

VME bus system, Apple Macintosh and Powerbook, VAX/VMS 750 and 780, MicroVAX

II, Zilog Serial Communications Controller for EIA-232/422/X.21/EIA-530/V.35

physical layer protocols, Zilog Parallel IO/Timer, IEEE-488 bus system, 1553B

bus system.




Application Architect and Developer, Database Administrator, Systems Administrator

January 1998 to Present

-Individually developed time and attendance system for tracking employee via web

interface. Created asp pages, security model, and database to store, sort, format

for reporting, and administer system.

-Individually developed phone system tracking database.

Created web-based application to allow management and allocation of

phone numbers. Created asp pages using VBScript to sort, update, add,

delete and administer phone database through web interface. Designed

and developed data model, tables, and SQL queries.

-Individually developed department scheduling database for use in

tracking calendars. Individually developed UNIX

scripts to retrieve schedule information from UNIX Solaris INFORMIX

database, created batch jobs to ftp formatted files to NT server, built

scheduling software to automatically import schedules on a daily basis.

Created GUI to allow selection of specific schedules for any time

periods for any employee. Created reports to print schedules. Designed

and developed data model, tables, and SQL queries. Developed client in

Access using Visual Basic. Created web demo of system using Net Objects

Fusion and Active Server Pages.

-Individually developed Human Resources Leave Tracking Database to allow

HR department to input employee information, leave data, update work

information, track part-time employee information, and generate leave

reports for divisions, employees, and departments. Worked with HR

department to build GUI, multiple reports, automatic calculations of

employee accruals, and multi-user access. Designed and developed data

model, tables, and SQL queries. Developed in Access using Visual

Basic. Currently developing a web client for employee use.

-Individually developed Budgeting and Tracking system for Finance

department. Created multi-user client/server system for tracking

accounts, spending, and allocations of budget to departments and

budgeting codes. Created security implementation to allow limited

update/edit to Finance department, and limited report viewing by other

groups. Designed and developed data model, tables, and SQL queries.

Developed in Access and Visual Basic.

-Individually developed IRS Electronic filing database for use by

company Finance department to file IRS-1099 MISCs with IRS.

Developed functionality to link with FoxPro and Access databases and

tables to create electronic filing data from multiple sources. Created

reports using Seagate Crystal Reports application. Developed middle

tier Visual Basic components for use in web application and Visual

Basic client. Designed and developed data model, tables, and SQL

queries. Developed in Visual Basic.


Member Technical Staff (MTS),

October 1996 to January 1998

- Team lead for physical layer interfaces for all DSU/CSUs and frame

relay switches for Paradyne FRAMESAVER product line. Responsible for

scheduling estimation and tracking, coordination of multiple team

members, and overall direction of physical layer re-usable code effort

for multiple FRAMESAVER platforms. Developed internal web pages for use

in tracking on-going work projects, linking standards, and providing

contact information for team members.

-Individually developed T1 network interface for frame-relay switch

utilizing QUICC mode on PowerPC MPC860MH. Responsible for requirements

analysis, design and development of software used to provide T1

interface for frame relay switch. Personally responsible for link

layer application to frame relay network layer. Personally responsible

for physical layer DCE/DTE interface and protocols including T1, V.35,

X.21, EIA-530, RS-232, RS-449. Coding and integration performed using

Metaware C development system for Sun UNIX systems. Developed on Sun

UNIX platform for cross-target to PowerPC MPC860 processor.

-Individually developed DDS network interface for frame relay CSU/DSU.

Responsible for DCE/DTE interface for physical layer protocols

including V.35 and RS-232. Coding and integration performed using

Microtec C development system for Sun UNIX systems. Developed on Sun

UNIX platform for cross-target to 68360/302 processors.


Senior Principal Software Engineer,

July 1988 to October 1996

- Lead software engineer in development of GUI used to control SAT/LOS

secure communications terminals with transmit/receive and receive only

capabilities. Control and Display Unit (CDU) allowed radio control,

data filtering, data display, and radio status to and from terminal.

GUI system also utilized mapping system for display of data. Developed

on and for Macintosh and Powerbooks. Object oriented design and coding

performed using StructSoft TurboCase for design and MPW Object Pascal,

C, and C++ languages for code.

- Lead software engineer on new business program to design, code, test

and field SATCOM modem/communications terminal. Personally developed

system analysis, including timing analysis and development of interface

requirements with multiple third party systems. Responsible for

requirements analysis, design, code, test and integration of software

including real-time synchronization, frame processing, and development

of communications protocol with other embedded subsystems. System was

designed, coded and fielded within a 10-month time frame, and

successfully passed test certification procedures. Requirements and

design developed using Cadre Teamwork, coding performed using Microtec

C/PSOS. Developed on Sun UNIX platform for cross-target to 68020


- Lead engineer in OOA requirements definition for 100,000 Ada LOC real-

time multi-tasking embedded SAT/LOS secure (COMSEC and TRANSEC)

radio/communications terminal. Developed OOA requirements model for

multiple network components and embedded controller interrupt driven

hardware/software interfaces. Lead engineer in transition from OOA to

Structured Design methodology for detailed design. Team lead in

design, code, test and integration of real-time software used to

acquire and maintain bit timing synchronization with multiple SAT/LOS

networks. Receive only system was designed, coded and fielded within a

18 month time frame, and successfully passed test certification

procedures. System requirements and design accomplished using CADRE

Teamwork, Verdix Ada, and Sun Ada. Developed on Sun UNIX platform for

cross-target to 68040 and 68020 processors.

- Lead software engineer in development of proprietary Built-In-Test

(BIT) for 68040 processor card. Responsible for requirements analysis

of fault-tolerant testing of all aspects of 68040 processor, design of

fault-tolerant operating system, fault-tolerant test modules, isolation

and recovery from faults, and man-machine interface utilizing touch

screen display. Personally responsible for design of serial

communications device interface/tests, Ethernet device interface/tests,

SCSI device interface/tests. Requirements and design developed using

Cadre Teamwork, coding and integration performed using Microtec C

development system for Sun UNIX systems. Developed on Sun UNIX platform

for cross-target to MVME-167 68040 processor.

- Team member in development of real-time multi-tasking next generation

SAT/LOS (Satellite/Line-of-sight) secure communications modem for

lightweight man pack systems. Responsible for requirements analysis of

network protocols and design, code, test, and integration of real-time

synchronization and frame processing algorithms used to receive and

transmit specific network protocols. Requirements and design developed

using Cadre Teamwork, coding and integration performed using Microtec

C/PSOS development system for Sun UNIX systems. Developed on Sun UNIX

platform for cross-target to 68360 processor. Individually responsible

for design, code, test and integration of a real-time satellite

simulator system. Software simulated interleaving, encoding, and

timing algorithms to provide test data to a satellite reconnaissance

system. System provided GUI for input of data rates, encoding modes,

etc. Code designed using structured design methodology, coded using

MPW C for algorithms and Macintosh toolbox for graphical user


- Team member in design, code, test, and integration of single network

SAT/LOS communications terminal. Developed software system

requirements, specifications, design, code and integration for real-

time embedded software for receiver/transmitter modem (RTM) processor.

RTM interfaces were real-time to multiple interrupt driven hardware

components. Software designed using structured design methodology.

Coded in Ada and 68000 assembly. Responsible for design, code and

integration of message processor functions including network

synchronization, data reception, validation and distribution and serial

communications with host.

-Responsible for design, code, test and integration of a software

problem tracking report system. System automated opening, resolving,

and closing of reported software errors in systems being developed by

department. Coded using Object Oriented programming language

Hypertalk. System designed and developed to run on Macintosh



Principal Software Engineer, Texas Instruments

September 1984 to July 1988

-Individually developed p.c. manufacturing test system for use in

testing printed circuit boards developed in-house. Team lead in

development of multiple satellite communications systems. Individually

developed multiple operating systems components including task

scheduler, inter-process communications system, and embedded database

management system.




"SQL Server Database Administration"

"Informix Database Administration"

"Programming Fundamentals of Visual Basic"

"Developing Visual Basic Applications"

"Advanced Visual Basic Programming Concepts"

"Net Objects Web Development"

"Introduction to Cold Fusion"

"Macromedia Dreamweaver"

Software Product Consortium Certified Training in Capability Maturity Model

"Object Oriented Experiences in Real-time Systems"

"Introduction to C++ Programming"

"Software Process Training"

"Introduction to C Programming"



B.S. Computer Science


Post-graduate classes include: Software

Engineering, Software Engineering II, Compiler Design, and Operating Systems